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Cashew Board of Tanzania
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The Tanzania Cashew Board in managing the development of the Industry has set three main goals which are:

Increase the production of raw cashews to reach 1,000,000 tons by 2030;

Peeling 60 percent of those cashews; and to have reliable and sustainable markets for cashew and its products by 2030 to achieve the 10/30 agenda.

Agenda 10/30 directs the agricultural sector to contribute 10 percent of the national income and bring in foreign currency in abundance.

According to the 2022 State of the Economy Report, the cashew crop led the nation by bringing in 226.9 million US Dollars compared to other tobacco crops (USD 178.5M); coffee (USD 161.2M); cotton (USD 103.4M); clover (USD 42.18M); tea (USD 30.0M) and sisal (USD 24.3M).

In addition, it is clear that if the opportunities in the Cashew Industry are used effectively, the Nation can earn more foreign currency.

The Tanzania Cashew Board is organizing an International Cashew Conference with the main idea AN INSIGHT AND INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN CASHEW INDUSTRY TANZANIA and the slogan is INVEST IN CASHEW FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT . 
This meeting aims to announce the investment opportunities in the Cashew Industry starting from the farm where we hope to get investment in large farms, processing where the expectation is to increase the factories for harvesting and processing cashews and its products and strengthening the markets by opening markets for cashews and products inside and outside the country. Uniquely, this meeting will be used to encourage the use of cashew nuts and its products in the country such as cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), juice, cashew milk, wine, cashew apple meat and alcohol. 
In addition, other products such as ethanol can be used in our hospital and school laboratories and thus expand the scope of the cashew market.
The 2023 International Cashew Meeting is intended to be attended by 500 participants from all over the world, including 33 countries that grow cashews. 
The countries include Ivory Coast, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Ghana, Madagascar, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Mauritius, Comoros Islands and local Tanzania. 
In addition, the meeting will involve various stakeholders from countries that consume cashews including the United States, European countries, China, Arabia, the Middle East including South Africa and other African countries.
 The conference aims to have all the participants in the value chain of the Cashew Nut Industry such as farmers, growers, processors, roasters, transporters, Cooperatives, Input Suppliers, warehouse operators, researchers, manufacturers of machinery and equipment, Industry managers, consumers or users of cashew products, financial institutions, policy makers, investors, development partners and many other stakeholders.
The International Cashew Conference is expected to have various topics such as: Cashew production & Agro mechanization; Use of Technology in the Cashew Industry (Technology transfer in cashew value chain); Investment opportunities in cashew industry in Tanzania; Financing mechanism in cashew industry; Processing technology and techniques; Use of the cashew market and its products in general (Enhancing marketing of cashew and value-added products globally); Digitalization in cashew industry; and Incentives and enabling policies in the Cashew Industry (Incentives and fiscal policies in cashew Industry). 
These topics will be presented by experts and experienced investors from different countries and thus enable participants to learn from them. 
In addition, there will be time for discussion, exchange of experience and communication to create an investment and business network. Through this meeting, we hope to increase investment and business in the Cashew Industry, thus enabling the farmer to get the productivity of his crop.
In addition, the Cashew Board has prepared a digital form located on the website of the Tanzania Cashew Board ( which will be used by participants to request to attend the International Cashew Conference in 2023. 
The participant will fill in this form and submit it to the Board in order to achieve other preparations. 
In addition, local participants will be able to call the Board's toll-free number 0800112159 to be given instructions on how to pray when they have challenges in filling out the form. 
There will also be registration forms at the Board offices located in Mtwara, Dar es Salaam, Tanga Tunduru, Manyoni and Morogoro which the participant will fill out and leave at the office.
The Cashew Board urges Tanzanians especially farmers, investors and stakeholders in general to use this great opportunity to attend this meeting to be able to learn from more successful countries in the cashew crop.
In addition, the meeting is an opportunity to find investors to collaborate with in various cashew projects.

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Peter Luambano


Peter Luambano

Director General of Tanzania Cashew Board Mr. Francis Alfred, speaking to the Farmers during the opening of the first auction for the purchase of Cashews Season 2023/2024 in Mburusa Village, Nanyumbu District, Mtwara Region October 20,2023

Peter Luambano