July 20, 2024 08:06
Cashew Board of Tanzania



The function of CBT is as set out in the Cashew Act No.18 of 2009 as outlined below:-

  1. To advise the government on policies and strategies for the development of the Cashew industry
  2. To promote the development of Cashewnut production, processing and marketing.
  3. To assist directly or through financial support the research and development of Cashew Industry.
  4. To regulate and control the quality of Cashewnuts.
  5. To collect, refine and maintain, use, disseminate information or data concerning the Cashewnuts Industry.
  6. To ensure proper management of Cashewnuts Development Fund established under the CBT Act no.18 of 2009.
  7. To promote and facilitate the formation of associations (or other bodies) related to or dealing with Cashewnut Industry and coordinate their activities
  8. To make and enforce Cashewnut Regulations.
  9. To provide consultancy and technical services to cashew farmers, processors, buyers, or exporters.
  10. To represent the Government in International Forum
  11. To carry out other tasks that are associated with improvements in cashew industry as need arises in the course of time, such as:
  12. To register or license Cashewnut Growers, Buyers, Sellers, Processors and Exporters.
  13. To grant licenses and permits for buying and exporting of Cashewnuts.
  14. To appoint inspectors for inspection of Cashewnut farms; processing facilities, warehouses and any other facility that may be inspected for the better carrying out of the provisions of the Cashewnuts Industry Act. 2003.