Frequently Asked Questions - CBT

Where do I find guidelines , publications and Forms in CBT website.

3. Cashewnut processing training for small-scale cashewnut processors.

Training to cashewnut processors is done according to the availability of funds and it the mult task which is done by several stakeholders such regulatory agencies, local government, private sector, reseach institutions, donors and others. The training can be done through  site visits, seminars, workshop and group trainings.  


2. What is Primary Market? Primary Market

Is a procedure set to enable local processors to procure cashewnut from farmers through Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) for their local factories to  process through out the year.

            Further information on the acquisition of purchase permits, marketing system, cashew quality control, payment process, transportation and reporting are available on the guidelines for procuring raw cashewnuts through primary market for the 2021/2022 season.

1. What are the procedures for obtaing a cashewnut factory processing license?

  1. An applicant must own/hire/lease a factory. Proof of hiring/leasing must be shown.
  2. Applicant will write a letter to the Director General of Cashewnut Board of Tanzania and attach the following documents:-

a)    Business License

b)    Certificate of Registration

c)    Tax Identification Number

d)    Agreement contract in case of hired/leased

  • The letter shall contain such necessary information as company name, site location, capacity of plant, technology used in processing.
  1. The factory shall be inspected and approved by the Cashewnut Board of Tanzania before licensed.


NB:     Holder of processing license shall be bound to observe the rules and regulations governing the operation of the factory (Regulation 47 to 49) of the Cashewnut Industry Regulations 2010.