Director Genaral's statement

The role of Cashewnut Board of Tanzania (CBT) has changed dramatically since the year 2006, following the issuing of the Ministerial Circular on Rationalization of Crop Boards. The circular makes changes in the way Crop Boards are to be financed, their structuring and responsibilities.
The circular also makes a clear distinction between public sector functions, shared functions and private sector functions. According to the Ministerial Circular the government will finance in full public sector functions which includes the regulatory functions. The Government will also finance in part promotion functions in collaboration with other stakeholders Private Sector activities.
Following these changes, CBT is required to develop a Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) whose objective is to lay down a framework of strategies for achieving the best results.
CBT Management envisages a goal system that focuses at “CBT being a central change agent for developing, promoting and facilitating cohesive strategies that will transform the cashew industry in Tanzania into a modern, efficient, competitive and economically sustainable industry”. The strategies articulated in this Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) aim at improved quality of cashewnuts, increased market share, increased production and productivity of cashew trees and improved organizational interactions programme that aim at alleviating the CBT weaknesses.